No defensive problems for Mascherano

Barcelona’s Javier Mascherano claimed his team does not have defensive problems following the 2-1 Champions League win over Celtic.

The only problem, the Argentine told reporters, was that teams come to the Camp Nou and play with 10 men inside their own area and it is difficult to break them down.

“We didn’t have any problems at the back and I thought we made some good tackles and played well. I think, without doubt, that we played a good game, although it’s not easy when you have 10 men defending their own area.

“There were times when the ball just wouldn’t go in but this season we are showing that games don’t end until the final whistle. If this happens several times then it’s not luck, it’s something else,” insisted Mascherano.

“Can you tell me what was negative about our defence?” he asked. “The only problem was that the ball hit me and went in. The tallest team in the Champions League scored a header against us.

“It wasn’t even from a chance created. It was from a free-kick that they scored. Unfortunately, it hit me and Victor [Valdes], whose hands it was going into, couldn’t save it because it changed direction.

“This made us have to fight hard to get the 2-1 victory,” he added.

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