President congratulates Depor

Augusto Cesar Lendoiro has congratulated his Deportivo players for their attitude shown in losing 5-4 at home to Barcelona.

The President oversaw the result, which at one stage saw the team cut a three-goal deficit to just the one.

“You have to present a good image. Even whilst they have lost they have engaged everyone and we can be proud of the team and the players,” commented the President afterwards.

“With the score at 0-3 I thought of what was possible, mostly negative. We must congratulate the team for their delivery, and the fans, for always supporting.

“Together then have made it possible to overcome that scoreline against us.”

 Lendoiro admitted that the mood was strange, because the team still lost.

“You can never celebrate a defeat, but the game was worth celebrating, with a full stadium and a great atmosphere.

“We must congratulate the team, who played on despite the score, sometimes against a very big advantage, showing their quality and potential.”

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