‘Mou won’t go down in history’

Xavi Hernandez has reflected on the differences between Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova, as well as suggested that Jose Mourinho won’t go down in history.

A televised interview with Mourinho on Friday night had the Coach suggesting that his record-breaking Los Blancos are not getting the recognition that they deserve.

It is something that Xavi picked up on over the weekend and looked to explain.

“Mourinho would not fit our club,” he told Radio Catalunya. “I have affection for him as he has been in Spain now for three years, but his football is not the style that we want.

“[Real Madrid’s] game is more about speculating, waiting for the counter-attack, and so I do not think they will go down in history.”

The veteran midfielder also touched on a number of other subjects, beginning with his own take on the differences apparent between Guardiola and Vilanova at Barca.

“Pep and Tito, aside from a few differences in tactical issues, are almost equal. Guardiola was closer in training, and Vilanova is more distant, but they transmit ideas in their own way.

“Tito has surprised me, because he seems very prepared, with clear ideas and maintaining the philosophy of the club intact.

“Without detracting from Tito, Pep is missed. For me, he was a reference as a player and a Coach. He helped me develop my football, he was a leader in the dressing room, and he also gave very strong leadership.”

Xavi also had some words in support of Lionel Messi, when asked about comparisons between him and Cristiano Ronaldo.

“In the dressing room, Leo Messi is perhaps one of the quiet people. He is an extraordinary person.

“He is the best player by far, the number one in history ahead of Maradona, Pele and Cruyff. Whoever understands football knows that he is much more important than Cristiano.”

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