Laporta in new Rosell accusation

Former Barcelona President Joan Laporta has levelled a new accusation against current incumbent Sandro Rosell.

Laporta has insisted that Rosell, and the Barca board, want to make it easy for violent supporters’ factions – with whom he alleges they have links – to return to the Camp Nou.

“There is evidence that these gentlemen have links to those violent groups that are lurking, hidden, and ready to return to their evil ways,” Laporta told the Punta Pelota programme.

Having had a zero tolerance policy towards violent fans during his time in charge, Laporta also says Rosell forced Pep Guardiola out of the club at the end of last season and that Tito Vilanova’s appointment was a panic measure.

“The decision to appoint [Guardiola’s successor] Tito Vilanova was one of fear, panic. Guardiola left because of a dereliction of duty on the part of the board as the President was hiding because he was only concerned with making a disgusting persecution of the previous directive.

“They [the present board] are devoted to lying and began by saying that Barca would not exist without Qatar [ the Foundation]. It’s all lies.”

In addition, Laporta maintains that fans are constantly asking him to run for the role of President in the next elections.

“At the moment I’m in a period of reflection. If I’m thinking of returning then it is because the people ask me to,” he claimed.

The 50-year-old concluded the interview with an anecdote about Lionel Messi.

“Messi has a special way about him where he exercises leadership. He never imposes on anybody and the only thing I can remember is a comment about [Gerard] Pique when we told him we were going to get rid of Ronaldinho.

“Bring Pique, bring Pique! He really looked after me when we were in the youth team, he told me.”

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