Iniesta continues Pepe war of words

Andres Iniesta has continued his war of words with Real Madrid defender Pepe in the fallout from Sunday’s Clasico.

Pepe accused the Barcelona midfielder of being ‘theatrical’ when claiming a penalty against the Portuguese defender, with Iniesta saying he was offended by the comments to which Pepe responded by declaring that ‘the truth hurts’.

In an interview with before flying out to Belarus with the Spanish national team, Iniesta has again replied to the Madrid player’s remarks in a spat that threatens to escalate after a virtually trouble-free clash between the Spanish giants.

“It might seem as if it is a penalty or not [Pepe’s foul on Iniesta] but you can’t rule it out.
“If you see any of Pepe’s games and analyse his actions…I don’t think it’s me who has to talk about it but I think that with what he does there is nothing more to say.

“There have been incidents where he has been the culprit but he has not said anything to that effect,” concluded Iniesta.

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