‘Soldado assaulted me twice’

Sergio Ballesteros was left in no doubt about his clashes with Roberto Soldado during the derby between Levante and Valencia today.

The tall centre-back finished on the winning side in the Sunday lunchtime kick-off, but felt that he had received some rough treatment from Soldado.

The pair clashed more than once in off-the-ball instances and Ballesteros twice fell to the ground indicating that Soldado had caught him intentionally. It was a message he still felt was true after the game.

“Soldado gives me a stamp and kick with his heel, in television it will be clear,” the veteran defender told reporters after the game.

“It is two bits of nonsense but two assaults that I have had done to me.”

The referee’s notes list Ballesteros as booked in the first half of the game for ‘pretending to be the subject of a stamp from an opponent when the ball was out of play’.

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