Plaza hoping for Real Madrid win

Luis Garcia Plaza is hoping that Real Madrid defeat Barcelona this weekend so as to ensure a title fight to the end.

The Getafe Coach has partly contributed to the eight-point gap between the two title rivals, having defeated Real Madrid and lost to Barcelona.

Ahead of the Clasico, Plaza mused on what outcome he would like to see, explaining that it was not borne of any allegiance.

“For the good of the League I do not want Barca to win, but not because I have any ill feeling towards them,” he began to reporters today.

“Last year I said the opposite, that I wanted Barcelona to win in their last League meeting, but this year I want Real Madrid to get the points because if not then the club is 11 points behind and that will be very difficult to overcome.

“That the two main contenders for the title, just seven days from the start, are 11 points apart is not good. Last year I said the same thing, but the other way around, to produce a more equal League. If they can catch up then they can fight tooth and nail all year.

“Barcelona are strong, this is true, but Real Madrid are progressing as the days pass and I think they are about even.

“They have the dynamic for many goals and they are dangerous. In the game we will see Barca dominate, with more control, but Madrid have done great harm in their recent visits to the Camp Nou. I do not know who will win, but it will be very tight.”

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