Espanyol confirm re-elections

Espanyol will hold Presidential elections in November, but current President Ramon Condal is expected to stay in power.

Condal confirmed late last night that the club will be dissolving its much-criticised current board of elected members and holding re-elections on November 19.

Nominations for Presidential candidates must be made by October 25 and Condal confirmed not only that he will continue to serve during the interim period, but that he also intends to re-stand.

“We want everyone to be able to express publicly any new project for this club and this can only be done by the board resigning and calling everyone to an extraordinary general meeting of the shareholders,” Condal confirmed via a Press conference reported on the club’s official website.

“I am not leaving. I have the intention of staying here. And my actions [as second majority shareholder] have the full support of Daniel Sanchez Llibre [majority shareholder].

“I am always at your disposal.”

If Condal is correct in asserting that Llibre is behind him, then it is expected that he will indeed hold on to his position as President.

Of the 17 board members, 10 are expected not to continue in their current roles. The board has been heavily criticised for pulling the club into their current predicament through mismanagement.

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