Jemez: Defeat is my fault

Paco Jemez has taken ‘full responsibility’ for Rayo Vallecano’s 6-1 defeat at Real Valladolid, saying his players didn’t deserve the result.

Rayo’s players were humbled at the Zorilla but their Coach has refused to place any of the blame on them.

“The start had been very good for us, but then Real Valladolid, from nearly three consecutive attacks, have scored three goals,” reflected Jemez after the game.

“From then there is no need to go over what happened. In the second half I asked my players to out there and compete, to do well and as much as they could, they have worked and run the game.

“Real Valladolid have been very lucky in front of goal. My players come to do what I say. They have no responsibility.

“I am completely to blame. I am sorry for them, because they are hardworking people and did not deserve this kind of result. The same for the fans also.”

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