‘Only one Getafe performance bad’

Luis Garcia Plaza has defended his Getafe team’s start to the season, stating that most clubs would have achieved the same points total with those fixtures.

The Madrid side with European ambitions are currently hovering about the relegation zone with just four points to their name. However, their Coach says that he has only been displeased with one of their opening performances.

“We have played five League games and I am only unhappy with one of those, which was the one against Celta,” Plaza told reporters today.

“The first half was horrible and the second was a little better. The other four games though, we have been fine in.

“In Sevilla we lost but we were competitive, we beat Madrid and in Coruna we did very well even if we drew, whilst Barcelona were very difficult.

“I’m only upset with the one game. With this schedule that we have had, most players would end up with four or five points as well.”

The tactician outlined where he felt improvement could be made from the Celta Vigo defeat last weekend heading into this week’s meeting with Mallorca.

“We must reduce the number of chances afforded to the opponent. We have to be more together and compact. Mallorca live for counter-attacks and set pieces and I mean that as a compliment and not in disrespect.

“When we have the ball, we have to be more aggressive and decisive. We know that from there we can then start to grow. We should not have to score two goals every game in order to win.

“It is true that all defeats and victories have been concluded by the minimum scores and that means that the games are close.”

Plaza was respectful of opponents Mallorca, who are currently unbeaten in the Division.

“Mallorca have started very well, they are very intense, defend together and make the most of having the ball. They work very well, put in a lot of effort and seize every opportunity to score.

“They’re moral and confidence is high. It is down to the great work of the Coach and players. We have to put in a strong performance, be very consistent and not give up. We must persevere in trying to beat an in-form team.”

The meeting takes place on Monday night, which is a novelty for the Getafe team.

“We will play against Mallorca and then almost the next day we are travelling to Zaragoza. But it is what we have to do, we will adapt.

“I have told the players to watch the football over the weekend, to be relaxed and for me to see them wanting to avenge the last defeat. The other day we were not the team we want to be.”

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