‘Mou didn’t realise what Madrid meant’

Real Madrid President Florentino Perez has told club delegates that Jose Mourinho did not realise what the club meant when he arrived.

A report in AS claims the newspaper has had access to quotes by Perez earlier in the week, where he explained his thinking to members before Madrid’s general assembly meeting on Sunday.

In particular, he centred on the Portuguese’s arrival at the club in May 2010.

“Mourinho did not realise what the club meant. He has coached in Portugal, Italy and England but that is something completely different. This is Madrid. We understand our own culture.

“Those who come from outside don’t understand that and when Mourinho arrived he was shocked by the club, the people and the fans, who will jeer a player or a Coach if they think fit.

“It has even happened to players who have just arrived and they have been wrong several times, but they learned.

“Mou presumed some things having coached at top-class clubs but I told him firstly that this is Madrid, later it will be Madrid and after that it will be Madrid. This is what makes us different from the rest.”

Perez gave his opinion on the attitude of players who sign for Los Blancos and also commented on Cristiano Ronaldo’s recent declaration that he was ‘sad’ at the club.

“At Madrid if you don’t run then they jeer you and some players that have come here did not understand that. We want talent but they also need to work because there is a lot of pressure from the Press.

“At first I was worried that they could even speak about the President, but no longer. Players are not used to being talked about as they are accustomed to being told from a young age that they are the best and there are many egos in the dressing room. Mourinho has to cope with that.

“With Cristiano everyone is entitled to have a bad time. We will work so he feels the affection of the fans, the board, the Coach and everybody else.

“Cristiano said he was sad but did not know why. We don’t know [ourselves]. If we knew we would sort this mess out. To be a top player, like he is, you must be able to handle the enormous pressure,” he added.

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