Presa rules out ex-employees sabotage

Raul Martin Presa has ruled out any involvement by former club employees in sabotaging the lights for the Real Madrid game.

The match was put back 24 hours after vandals cut the wires to the electrical system at the Campo de Futbol de Vallecas, leaving half the stadium in darkness, but the Rayo President refuses to believe it is a disgruntled former worker.

“Everyone is innocent until proved guilty,” declared Presa at the opening of Rayo’s official club shop. “I would be hard pressed to think it was someone connected to the club.

“It is a theory that has been aired but I have never doubted any of our former employees. I’ve never thought badly of any of them I’ve known.

“The police are conducting a scientific investigation to find those responsible and I don’t suspect or not suspect anyone. They are the ones who must tell you how it is progressing as they are the professionals.

“They have still not informed us of how things are going as it’s a police matter, the way they work and the discretion they have to use. We are not professional investigators so we are not looking for criminals.

“We must leave them to do what they have to do and finish their work. We have to try and found out who has tarnished the image of Rayo, the neighbourhood, the fans and by extension Madrid and Spain.

“Hopefully, whoever has done this will be arrested and I hope the person or persons that committed the atrocity are found.”

Presa went on to stress the respect the Rayo fans had shown on Sunday and described their behaviour as ‘exemplary’ at the access points to the stadium.

“I thank the fans for their respect and the way they acted as it could have been a lot worse, although some parts of the media have sought to denigrate the area and the supporters.

“The people have been exemplary in their behaviour and I thank them because it could have turned into something nasty.”

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