Mourinho eyes 20 more years?

Turning 50 in a few months, Jose Mourinho has spoken of still feeling young and still only being at the ‘beginning of his professional life’.

The Portuguese will turn 50 next January, but in reflecting on Sir Alex Ferguson’s continued presence in the game in his senior years, believes that he has a lot still left to do in football.

“I understand perfectly why Alex [70] is still in the job and I think I will be the same,” Mourinho spoke today.

“I love football so much, I love coaching so much. I will still be very young when I become 50 and I believe I have a lot in front of me.

“Fifty is a number with a certain impact – it's a number I believe sometimes has a psychologically negative impact on many people because they realise the world spins very, very fast and our lives are very, very short.

“It's a number that makes me think and look back but also look forward too. I'm such a happy person because what I have done so far I think is amazing.

“I look back and reflect on this and have to be thankful for what God gave me.

“But at the same time I look forward and I feel myself better than ever, stronger than ever, with more experience and I think I'm still at the beginning of my professional life.”

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