‘Coach’s criticism motivates us’

Andres Fernandez believes that Jose Luis Mendilibar’s weekend vitriol has awoken Osasuna to reverse their current predicament.

Los Rojillos are joint bottom of the League this week after managing just a single point from five rounds of action.

After the weekend defeat at Real Zaragoza, Coach Mendilibar hit out at his players, accusing them of being unable to compete in the top flight at the moment.

It was a delivery that Andres believes was correct and has served its purpose for the players.

“The Coach wanted to deliver that punch for the reaction from everyone, for us to see that in this League nobody is going to give anything away, so we would not offer any excuses or think that we have been good so far,” he declared to assembled media today.

“What is clear is that if we are down there, it is because we deserve it and we have to move forward without excuses, we must focus, because if not then we are bad.”

Even so, Andres is keen to stress that now is not the time to panic.

“We should not worry too much. We need to work and deal with the situation in the best condition possible. We need to regain trust and believe that if we grit our teeth and work hard then we will get the points.

“I prefer not to think why we have started badly. If you do, you can be left with a thousand negative thoughts that have led you to this situation.

“The important thing is to pull together and work to get this situation progressing. We are a team and we have to believe.

“You have to go out with the mentality of taking the game and wanting to beat the opponent at all costs, in any way, via a corner, a throw-in or through goals. We are a team and we have to believe,” he repeated.

“We have to go out with that mentality of wanting and believing. No excuses at all. That anger and inner strength should see us grit our teeth and go for the game, without hesitation, without waiting for the opponent to give us the first blow, to be the ones to give the first blow from the start.

“We should always think that we can win every game, then if the opponent is better we will congratulate them.”

The goalkeeper then turned on himself, criticising his early season form for contributing to the crisis.

“I am not happy. I am meant to help the team and provide them with the security that they need. But, between a goalless draw and a 6-5 win, I would prefer a 6-5 win without doubt.”

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