Fans deny Vallecas sabotage

Rayo Vallecano’s supporter group Los Bukaneros have distanced themselves from involvement in the cutting of power at Vallecas on Sunday.

Wires were cut before Rayo’s home match with Real Madrid, leaving half the stadium and its floodlights without power and forcing the postponement of the fixture by 24 hours.

Ahead of the rearranged tie this evening, Los Bukaneros have released a statement denying any involvement in the act of sabotage.

It was theorised that the supporter group may have engineered the action as an act of protest against the club for making season ticket holders pay again for a ticket for the Real game.

“We have absolutely nothing to do with this alleged sabotage, it is false and the accusations are made by various people who call themselves journalists and do not hesitate to slander, lie and accuse without any proof,” began the lengthy statement.

“We do not know who, when and how the sabotage occurred (if indeed it is a sabotage, as we know the likes of which we have in the offices of our organisation, we cannot absolutely rule out any option).

“We have been directly affected, and we must remember that our official position for this game, decided in consensus with other clubs and the most active groups of supporters and known to all, has been to go to it to encourage our Rayo and show our opposition to the leaders of our club, as we did in the ‘dias del club’ days imposed on us last season.

“We always give absolute freedom to our members to decide individually whether to go to the stadium to protest in the face of the thieves we have for leaders, and whether or not to swallow this new robbery from the directors.”

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