Jemez: It’s the fans that suffer

Paco Jemez is keen that Rayo Vallecano fans do not miss out on the rescheduling of his side’s match with Real Madrid.

The game has been delayed until Monday evening due to vandals cutting power to sections of Rayo’s stadium, but a specific kick-off has yet to be confirmed, amid reports of disagreements between the clubs.

Officials from Rayo confirmed the desire for a 7pm UK time start, where Real pushed for a 4pm UK time kick-off. Other reports suggested that the game could be delayed until later in the calendar.

However, Rayo President Raul Martin Presa says that the Football Federation have confirmed to him that their wish for the 7pm kick-off has been granted.

“If we are asked to play at 5pm [local time] I will refuse, because people will not be able to come and watch the game,” Jemez declared this evening.

“Particularly our fans won’t be able to come and see us. The losers are all the people who had their ticket and could not see a game tonight.

“40,000 options are currently being considered, but first let’s fix the lights and then the Federation can fix a time and date, in view of the not fixing it means we can’t play.”

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