Djukic: No free speech in football

Miroslav Djukic has hit out at the match officials for dismissing him during Real Valladolid’s defeat to Atletico Madrid, a result he takes responsibility for.

The Coach was dismissed in the second period of the 2-1 loss for protesting with officials, something that he was still bothered by when talking to reporters afterwards.

“Some do not realise that Franco is dead and that freedom of expression is allowed. I do not understand why you cannot politely ask the referee about certain issues,” the Serbian declared at full-time, before reflecting that a poor first-half performance decided the game.

 “We deservedly for being wimps, not entering the field boldly, as we did in the second half.

“In the first we were worthless, whilst in the second we showed very good attitude. We will delete that first half from our memories.

“The biggest culprit is me, because I have conveyed to my players the courage to play in this game. We lost in every way. It was disastrous and I was embarrassed for the first half we produced.”

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