Cardenal asks clubs to take pools cut

Miguel Cardenal has asked the Spanish League (LFP) if they are willing to take a lesser share from La Quiniela, the Spanish pools.

Cardenal, President of the National Sports Council (CSD), is aiming to get clubs to lower the cut they already receive and is due to hold further meetings with LFP President Jose Luis Astiazaran, according to EFE.

It is a possibility Cardenal raised last August when he maintained that the present contributions could not be sustained, one he reiterated just a few days ago when saying the amount could be lowered next year.

La Liga, which provides revenue of around €35m to La Quiniela, currently earns 10 per cent of the proceeds and feels that as organiser of the competition it must have an adequate return on the proceeds of gambling.

At least a third of that amount goes to pay off a loan taken out in 1990 to settle a recovery plan, another third goes into stadium security measures and the final third is distributed to clubs or used to manage the competition.

Since April 2010, following an agreement between the LFP and the Spanish Footballers Association, if there is anything left from the money used for security measures then it is used to pay off money owed by clubs to players.

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