Unzue paid €199,000 by Racing

Racing Santander will pay Juan Carlos Unzue €199,000 for his brief stint as Coach this summer, which saw him fail to take charge of a single game.

The former Barcelona goalkeeping Coach originally signed a two-year contract with the recently relegated club this summer, with an option for a third.

However, club administrators’ warnings that the contract signed would financially prove impossible to honour proved correct, when the club were forced to renegotiate his deal down to a single year.

Unzue claimed that he was happy to take this cut and to also renegotiate down any potential compensation charge for any future sacking, but reports today suggest that he refused to do so, which prompted the club’s to dismiss him.

However, delays at boardroom level at Racing saw the club fail to ratify a €199,000 compensation package for Unzue, prompting him to then claim via a tribunal court the full €575,000 his contract said he was due for.

The court’s ruling came out today and sees that Racing must now honour the intended €199,000 fee for Unzue.

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