Arbeloa, Alonso: No Ronaldo issue

The Real Madrid duo of Alvaro Arbeloa and Xabi Alonso have offered their support Cristiano Ronaldo today, suggesting that there is no apparent issue.

Their Portuguese teammate has been the source of speculation and criticism during this international break for declaring himself ‘sad’ at the club after their last League match.

However, in talking to the Press today, both Arbeloa and Alonso have suggested that perhaps there is no issue at all with the player, having trained with him again this week.

“I did not see him very sad [at training yesterday], I imagine it will be a personal detail, but we have offered our support,” began Arbeloa at a publicity event the three players were attending.

“I do not know if a meeting [between Jose Mourinho and the player] took place. When I saw him I asked him how he was, he said he was good and he trained phenomenally.

“It was a temporary issue that looks to have ended.

“Cristiano is a reference point. Crowds at the Bernabeu like having a player that scores goals and makes a difference. I feel that they will applaud him now more than before.”

Teammate Alonso reflected that he too doesn’t believe Ronaldo’s problem at the club is as big as is being made out.

“The issue has been too exaggerated in the media,” reflected the midfielder. “We understand that you have to sell, but at times the newspapers are distant from the football.

“I see Ronaldo as being normal. When we were training, we asked each other about our fitness, how we got on with our respective national team.

“He took to the theme quite naturally and is thinking towards Saturday’s game.”

One of the reasons heavily speculated as to why Ronaldo declared himself as unhappy was a perceived lack of support his teammates in public, but Alonso looked to put that straight.

“I would be very happy if they gave the Ballon d’Or to Cristiano Ronaldo, that is true, even if he is a teammate too.

“But there is no conspiracy around Ronaldo, for the last 10 days, or now, or ever.”

Arbeloa also got in on the act, with regards putting the Portuguese forward for the Ballon d’Or.

“This year he has merited all the credit, has been decisive and scored the goals that helped win the League, and he played a great tournament at the Euros.

“There are other world class players such as Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos and Xabi Alonso who could also take it.

“There is no ‘policy’ at the club to support Ronaldo, I already put that out on Twitter a while back.”

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