Marquez feels ‘important’ again

Javi Marquez has reflected on finding his sense of worth again at Mallorca and revealed why he believes the club have started so well this season.

The midfielder joined from Espanyol this summer and finds himself part of a team that are occupying the upper echelons of the League table after an undefeated start to the season.

“I’m very happy with how things are going. I am happy to have returned to playing and to being an important player,” he enthused to today’s Press conference.

“What I want is to continue growing and not to settle for anything but the best for Mallorca.

“The team has their mind fully set on Sunday’s game at Osasuna, as it will be against a very difficult team that always comes out strong on their own pitch.

“We have to come out with the same intensity as recent games in order to continue our form.

“Everything is working because in this group there are no guaranteed starters or substitutes and that is a great asset for the Coach, who knows that all the players are fighting for a cause and that he can choose between them.”

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