Espanyol threatened by Eurovegas plan

The billionaire behind plans to build a Las Vegas-style casino strip in Barcelona wanted to demolish Espanyol's Cornellà-El Prat home.

Barcelona councillor Lluis Recoder has revealed in an interview with RAC1 radio that the wife of Sheldon Adelson – one of the richest men in the United States thanks to the casinos he runs in Las Vegas – suggested knocking down the stadium because it was a 'hindrance' to the controversial Eurovegas gambling project.

“Adelson's wife, Miriam, didn't know it was Espanyol's stadium,” stated Recorder. “She said: 'Why don't they knock it down?' I told her, no way!”

Recoder also claimed that Adelson wanted to move Barcelona's El Prat airport.

“That explains the mentality of the people we were negotiating with,” he lamented.

Barcelona eventually lost out to Madrid in the project, which will see Adelson build a casino strip on the outskirts of the Spanish capital.

It is hoped the construction will create thousands of jobs and provide a major boost to Spain's ailing economy.

Espanyol moved into the 42,500-seat Cornellà-El Prat in 2009, after over a decade spent renting the Montjuïc Olympic stadium in the city following the closure of their old home in Sarrià.

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