Big clubs ‘aware of’ La Liga issues

Jose Maria del Nido has suggested today that even the biggest clubs in Spain now realise the effects of Barcelona and Real Madrid’s dominance on La Liga.

The Sevilla President has long been critical of the structure of broadcasting revenue distribution in the League, advocating its eventual harm on the competitiveness of the League.

Speaking to reporters today, Del Nido reaffirmed that belief and suggested that clubs even as high as the big two are now aware of what is happening.

“Fortunately, a lot of the clubs think like Sevilla did three years ago, that the League is the least competitive in Europe,” he told reporters today.

“There are fewer transfers here and there is the biggest difference between first and third place, it is the least competitive in Europe.

“Are we going to do anything to solve this? I think so. When? Sooner than later, because fortunately the big clubs have become aware of this.

“We are studying proposals. That it is now being championed by Atletico Madrid, which is the third biggest in Spain, is also good news.”

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