Guti to Mou: Real have a youth team

Former Real Madrid midfielder Guti has fired a broadside at Jose Mourinho by reminding him the club still has a youth academy.

Guti, real name Jose Maria Gutierrez, has criticised Los Blancos’ recent foray into the transfer market via his Twitter account, aiming a message towards the Portuguese boss at the same time.

“There are some things I cannot understand in football and one of those is that [Esteban] Granero has gone to be replaced by [Michael] Essien. Granero is much better and he is Spanish,” tweeted Guti.

“Right now the best players are Spanish and what’s happening is taking money out of the game here if a foreign player is signed, and that worries me.

“There is [Sami] Khedira, Granero, Xabi Alonso and [Luka] Modric and, in case these fail, do we need Lass [Diarra] or Essien? I don’t think so and we do have a youth academy.

“Why do so many young foreigners come to play in Spain?” he asked.

“Because in countries such as Argentina, Brazil etc. they believe in them. Here they do not.

“That is my opinion and I think it’s the truth. It’s not to say I am right but, as always, I say what I feel.”

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