Simeone: ‘Everything went perfectly’

Diego Simeone has declared his delight at his Atletico Madrid players’ performance tonight, calling it ‘close to perfection’.

The capital club overpowered Chelsea 4-1 on Friday night to pick up the UEFA Super Cup in a game that left their Argentine Coach beaming.

“I am proud of my players. It was a power opponent and I cannot but thank everyone, they have been extraordinary. They have done everything perfectly. It was as we said. We have succeeded and at times have managed the game to perfection.

“Simeone has not change the mentality of this team. They were already winners. That is within everyone. I just let them do it. I found a beaten team when I came here, but a team of men and great players.

“The past season we did very well. This was a challenge and we met it. We prepared for the game accordingly and everything went perfectly.”

The game was swung in the first half thanks to Radamel Falcao’s hat-trick.

“I admire Falcao. I’ve known him since his childhood and he continues to improve. We must take advantage of him and continue to ask it of him. I am convinced that the more you demand, the move is given. Hopefully we can also provide him with many good passes in the future.”

The tactician also had a word for the supporters who attended the match in Monaco.

“They were amazing, for the entire game they were singing. It makes me happy to see people happy.

“People will start to wear the Atletico shirt and that’s the best thing. It is a joy for the team to play well against a team like Chelsea.

“You have to take each game with the goal of wanting to improve. We need look no further than this. It is a necessary demand on these players because they are very good.”

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