Betis: No reason to move Atleti game

Real Betis have hit back over Atletico Madrid’s request to the Spanish League (LFP) to move next Monday’s fixture.

Atleti have made the request reportedly for two reasons. First is because Atleti argue that the game is scheduled too close to the preceding Friday's UEFA Super Cup clash with Chelsea. 

Second, it is reported that Atleti see the game is currently scheduled on a FIFA day, whereby players called up by their international teams for the following week’s matches will have to be released.

Potentially without more than half a dozen of their first team, the Madrid side requested yesterday to the LFP to move the fixture back two-and-a-half weeks to Wednesday, September 26.

However, Betis are not playing ball.

“The club see no reason for granting the request from Madrid and believe that when a club in Madrid has a conflict, it has to become a matter of state,” expressed club director Jose Antonio Bosch.

“The game may have been arranged erroneously or incorrectly with regards to current regulations. If this is the case, then what is wrong will have to be explained and then the correct rules applied.

“If it is corrected then Betis will abide by the rules. If, however, they are seeking an application of a rule that is not true, then Betis will not abide.

“In Spanish legislation, a game can only be suspended for unavoidable circumstances. There is no current legislation for this match to be abandoned.”

Bosch continued that Los Beticos are expecting this weekend’s game to remain in place.

“We are acting as if the match is going to be played on Monday. A possible suspension would cause us damage for sold tickets and printed posters.

“We do not understand [Atletico’s] request and if they are interested in moving the game, they could have called our President or chief executive.

“It seems strange that our first official notification is today, when the debate has already circulated in the Press for three days.

“This is not about being good or bad, just understand that it is not a matter of convenience, but of sporting compliance.”

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