‘Aragorn’ smites Mourinho!

Real Madrid boss Jose Mourinho has received criticism from an unusual source – Lord of the Rings actor Viggo Mortensen.

Mortensen, known for playing the role of Aragorn in the fantasy trilogy, is a supporter of Real Madrid, but not of their playing style under Mourinho. The American actor grew up in Argentina supporting San Lorenzo and compared Mou unfavourably with their Coach Ricardo Caruso Lombardi.

“In Spain I am a fan of Real Madrid, but I hate Mourinho,” the Carlito's Way star is quoted as saying by Marca. “For me he is the 'mini-me' of Caruso, they have the same cowardly approach.

“You have a team capable of playing well but they do not. No risk, no glory. They should go forward.

“As a fan that's what I think and what I say,” Mortensen concluded.

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