Sports minister trusts club spending

Spain’s sports minister Miguel Cardenal says he trusts that La Liga’s increased television revenue will be spent where it needs to be, rather than on transfers.

A number of clubs have broken contracts with television broadcasters Mediapro in favour of better agreements with rivals Prisa TV.

This in part prompted the ‘football war’ between the two broadcasters but, with that now resolved for the next three years, thanks to Cardenal’s intervention, the President of the Sports Council has urged the clubs to use the extra money due wisely.

“The clubs are not going to use the economic impact of their new TV contracts to sign new players, but to get their bills paid and to meet their obligations with the tax authorities,” Cardenal stated to reporters today.

“The first goal of the clubs must be to meet their obligations with the tax authorities. If they have earmarked some of it to sign players then they would be in the wrong.

“The tax agency, I know, keeps track of timely payments of clubs and the evolution of their business, they know the clubs’ new income and the first goal of the clubs must be to fulfil any obligations they have.”

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