Spanish stadia deemed unsafe

Up to 70 per cent of Spanish citizens believe the country’s football stadiums are unsafe, according to a citizen security study carried out this year.

The study, which involved over 2000 participants aged 18 to 65 and was carried out online, found that football ranked much higher in perception of an unsafe environment than many other sports.

For example, 33.3 per cent found Formula 1 to be an unsafe sporting event to attend, 32 per cent deemed basketball a risk, 27.2 for tennis, whilst 32.8 per cent found bullfighting unsafe for spectators.

The figures are significantly worse than those revealed by this same study when last carried out in 2009, with the number of people responding to say the nation’s football arenas are unsafe having increased by 16 per cent overall.

Those considered the worst are, according to the report, in Andalusia and Valencia, whereas Madrid and Catalonia have a much better perception of safety.

The study also showed that there is a general sense that football is associated with acts of antisocial behaviour such as verbal and physical abuse, not to mention hooliganism. All three are perceived as more to linked football now than in 2009.

Meanwhile, 49 per cent of people believe security levels at all sporting events attended in Spain by a substantial attendance, particularly football, are insufficient.

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