Getafe want to sell

Getafe’s sporting director Toni Munoz has confirmed that the club intend to sell a couple of players before brining in any more.

The Madrid outfit have brought in four players this summer – Miguel Angel Moya, Angel Lafita, David Abraham and Xavi Torres – and are linked to others in the market, but apparently, nothing will happen until others are moved out.

“Obviously we have many attacking players and the Coach wants to have fewer numbers, we are working, but what we don’t want to do is devalue the players,” Munoz told the Press today at Torres’ presentation.

“We have three strikers, they are good, and we’ll see what the market holds for us. Regardless of who might leave, we have value.”

Munoz denied that the club were interested in Espanyol’s Alvaro Vazquez, who continues to stall on extending his contract with the Catalans. Meanwhile, forwards Miku and Daniel Guiza have both been linked with a departure from the Madrid side.

“We have three strikers and the bottom line is, unless one leaves  then we won’t sign Alvaro or any other player.

“There are players currently here who might raise interest, but until then, we will not take any steps at all.

“The efforts made by the club are to create a team that always has good players, two for almost every position, so that when 11 player, 11 are left out, whilst we have also tried to build a competitive squad.”

The former Atletico Madrid director assured reporters that if no-one were to leave, then it would not be a disaster.

“Regardless of what happens, if the Coach has 22 or 23 players, the season is very long, but let’s try to move out one player who might not get much time on the pitch. That’s the goal.”

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