Espanyol concern their Coach

Mauricio Pochettino has expressed concern at Espanyol’s lack of closure on their transfer work for the summer.

The side have already brought in five new players to the side, including Joan Capdevila and Simao Sabrosa, but Pochettino is still aware that work is not finished.

“Each week we are talking about it and it seems that the reinforcements never arrive,” he lamented at today’s Press conference.

“Hopefully soon they will arrive for new news and so we can close the squad as soon as possible. I know they are working hard.”

Even so, the Coach is also still worried about the ongoing situation with Alvaro Vazquez’s inability to agree a new contract with the club, given that he has 12 months remaining on his current deal and might be sold.

“These personal situations must be defined, because it is clear that they affect the individual and the collective, until all know what is going to happen.”

Alvaro declared after the Mallorca defeat at the weekend that he expected Pochettino to play him, even if he didn’t renew his deal but stayed with the club.

“The ‘mister’ will always play his players, there is no need for me to tell Alvaro or anyone else. Everyone has their role to do with full responsibility, but we know that a player is not a robot, they have feelings and before football they are a person.

“He may look good, but it is difficult to quantify the degree of concern about the situation they are experiencing.”

On new arrival Simao, Pochettino was brief.

“He is very excited, eager and is actively participating in training. But we will see if he plays at the weekend.”

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