Oltra: Depor will have to adapt

Jose Luis Oltra sees a Deportivo group of players that are ready, but also that might have to be adaptable to the coming challenges.

Depor are back in the top flight this season and prepare to begin their La Liga campaign at home to Osasuna.

Coach Oltra believes it is a return that his players are ready for, even if he also admits to some hesitancy. 

“I see the team as very good. They are one that compete from day one,” he told reporters today.

“This group has great potential, but I don’t know for how far. It is one thing to see them train and another to see them compete.

“There are people who have trained well who may not play well in the games. But it is not just looking at our team, it is also about the opponent.”

On this point, the tactician admitted that the entertaining style of play that earned them an immediate return to the top flight may not be enough to keep them in it this time around.

“Although we say that the style is the same [as opponents’], maybe in reality it is not the same.

“Last year we were able to adapt and to impose our style because we were superior to our rivals, but this season we may not have a chance to get the ball, and with such a situation we would have to tighten up at both ends of the pitch.

“We know that any mistake condemns us and so we must minimise our errors, and it’s not just about looking at our team, but also the other team.

“Tomorrow if we want to impose our game and we face a team that is aggressive, biting… we may have to dip into our resources to overcome the opponent.

“If you cannot win in one way, you have to find another – with defensive play, with set-pieces.”

Oltra also reflected on the impact of home advantage this year.

“We averaged over 30,000 last year, they gave us vitality. I have no words to thank them. This year we begin with 25,000 season ticket holders, few can say that.

“Everyone at the club is clear on what the goal is, to avoid relegation. We’ll get to focus on the goal with each passing week.

“This is a difficult challenge, but nice. Whether there is talk of suffering and we go on to suffer…I will not sell anything other than survival.

“If the competition puts us further up the table, we will not compromise. But, our first goal is to leave three clubs behind us in the table.”

The Coach was also asked about the possibility of dipping back into the transfer market before its close.

“If a forward arrives then the idea is that he has to be different to what we have. That would be good, plus if he scores lots of goals, and if he is handsome, better for the girls.”

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