Canales has no regrets

Sergio Canales expects to be back in action by the second half of the season and says he has no regrets at being with Valencia.

Whilst on loan with Los Che last season, the youngster suffered two knee ligament injuries, the second of which in April he is still recovering from.

“I’m at the stage where I am on the bike, in the swimming pool and doing a series of exercises to tone the hamstring and the rest of the leg,” he told Marca today.

“It has taken three months and many days and things is are pretty good. Now the feeling is very good, I would say even better than the previous injury, and hopefully this is the end of it.

“I hope to return for the second round of fixtures, but I will not be with the team until I am 100 per cent. I think it will take about eight months. It is a complicated injury but is an extra motivation to begin the season.

“I’m of the mindset that I’m still young and will be playing again. Football is in the present and that is all that matters.

“One day I was facing at least five-and-a-half months out, two days before that I was playing in a semi-final of the Europa League. At the moment, things are a lot quieter, yes.”

Despite his condition, Valencia and the player chose to make his loan move from Real Madrid permanent in the summer.

“Since I have arrived here I have felt the love and trust of the fans, my peers and the club. Even in the city. Valencia have made a great effort to buy me, even though I have had two serious injuries. That is great.

“At Madrid, it did not go as planned, but I am grateful for the way they always behaved towards me. It’s complicated because it is a team that always has to win a trophy and it is very difficult to accommodate younger players.

“It’s true that I am stubborn, if I want something then I must have it and I have great confidence in my ability, but things did not go as I wanted in Madrid. It wasn’t all bad, though.

“In Madrid I learned a lot, especially tactically, technically and mentally and I also had the fans treat me very well.”

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