Bielsa drops Llorente, Martinez

Marcelo Bielsa drops Fernando Llorente and Javi Martinez for the opening match of the season and denies threatening to resign if they were sold.

Martinez is currently the subject of negotiations with German club Bayern Munich, whilst Llorente has confirmed his desire to leave Athletic and is being tracked by Juventus.

However, Argentine Coach Bielsa has denied the theory that if the duo were to go then so would he, insisting that either way, come September 1 he will be happy.

“I have never said that if Javi Martinez and Llorente left then I would too,” he asserted at today’s Press conference.

“I would not put on the club such a condition that they cannot ensure. I am satisfied with Llorente and Martinez and without Llorente and Martinez.”

It is without Llorente and Martinez this weekend for the Coach, as neither were listed in the squad to face Real Betis this weekend.

“I make these calls having considered all the elements that favour the composition of the team and I decided to dispense with them.

“It’s a difficult situation because all positions are understandable. Martinez and Llorente have their right, the position of the club to maintain a style and philosophy is understandable and what is also comprehensible is the position of the public, even if I do not agree with their protests, which originate from emotion.

“If it’s convenient or inconvenient, expensive or cheap for Javi Martinez, this exceeds my analysis. Bayern knows what they are doing at every step.

“It is an example of how things are done. If money is raised then I’ll think about signings. But I am not putting down any conditions.”

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