Jimenez: Fans must come first

Real Zaragoza boss Manolo Jimenez has joined the debate over La Liga’s late kick-off by insisting fans must come first over money.

Some games in the first three rounds of fixtures are scheduled to start at 11pm local time and Jimenez believes it is the supporters who should be considered before any cash starts to be counted.

“The biggest drawback is not being able to have people in the ground who are not able to come because they have work the next day, or even the supporters clubs who cannot catch a bus,” he told a Press conference.

“These people are not being taken into account.

“We are looking at the ones who put on their slippers, turn on the television, watch the first half and then want to fall asleep.”

Regardless of the controversy, Jimenez also spoke about the start of the new season, explaining that he could not make more additions to his squad at La Romareda ‘for economic reasons’, although despite this he still holds out great hope for next term.

“We have not played to our full potential so far but we will start with great enthusiasm.

“We will be ready and mentally prepared so that it is not a struggle.

“I am sure I will give my heart and soul in defending Zaragoza,” he added.

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