Barca earn €18m from Champions League

Barcelona have received €18,450,000 as their share of the ´market pool` from last season’s Champions League, reports Mundo Deportivo.

La Blaugrana are the top Spanish club in the table of earnings from television rights – behind Chelsea, Manchester United, Milan and Inter – with Real Madrid having picked up €15,934,000.

The two other La Liga clubs in last term’s competition were Valencia and Villarreal, who banked €9,225,000 and Є6, 709,000 respectively,

Under the market pool concept clubs receive €341,100,000 out of a total of €754,100,000 that UEFA divides among them, with teams from England, Italy, Spain and Germany being paid most money by virtue of having gone further in the competition.

Competition winners Chelsea were the leaders with just over €30m followed by Manchester United on €25,182,000 and Milan’s €23,564,000, while Inter were in fourth place with €18,569,000.

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