Banega escapes unhurt from Ferrari

Valencia midfielder Ever Banega has escaped unhurt after his Ferrari 360 caught fire at the entrance to the club’s training ground.

A report in AS says the Argentine international was travelling to the Paterna complex around six o’clock in the evening when he looked in the mirror of his car and saw smoke coming from the back.

The 24-year-old immediately stopped and went to the club’s offices to notify them of the incident but while he was gone the fire intensified and the national police and fire crews were called out to suffocate the flames.

The burning car prevented access to the Paterna complex and the Valencia players had to delay their training session for a few minutes while the blaze was brought under control.

It is the second car incident in six months concerning Banega, who is still recovering from a fractured tibia and fibula he received at a petrol station last February.

Banega had pulled in to fill up his Audi R8 automatic after training when it started to roll backwards, as he had forgotten to apply the hand-brake before getting out of the car.

Attempting to stop the vehicle, he then found his left leg trapped between a wheel and the kerb resulting in him suffering what turned out to be a serious injury.

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