Barcelona show record €49m profit

Barcelona ended the 2011-12 financial year by showing a record profit of €49m, despite not winning La Liga or the Champions League.

AS quoted the club’s financial Vice-President Javier Faus as saying that Barca had also achieved a historic operating income of €495m, up by 4.5 per cent from the previous year, with expenses totalling441m, a drop of €31.5m on 2010-11.

Faus went on to claim that one of the Catalan club’s principal objectives is to further reduce its debt, which stands at €335m and is around €30m less than it was 12 months previously.

“We are attempting to lower the debt to more sustainable levels,” said Faus.

Indeed, he admitted last year that the club needed to generate more income and debt reduction was high on his list of priorities.

“We’ve reduced the debt, but we’re still in a delicate situation,” he explained.

“The debt is still too high for us to be able to dictate our future. We can’t afford to owe so much money to the bank and need to generate more income.

“It’s not the debt that we want and we have to reduce it further, to sustainable levels, with regard to the cash flow generated by the club.

“We’ll continue to work on it but ideally the net debt would be just over €200 million.”

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