Joel criticises Olympic match ball

Atletico Madrid goalkeeper Joel Robles has complained about the match ball to be used at the London Olympics.

The 22-year-old is part of Luis Milla’s pre-Olympic squad preparing for friendlies against Senegal and Mexico and has been using 'The Albert' in training this week.

“The first feeling you get is that it is very light and a powerful shot would be very difficult to block,” he told a Press conference.

“With the ball they are making it more difficult for goalkeepers every year.”

The Albert carries the London 2012 logo and features a series of triangular panels that are thermally bonded together, claiming this ensures a true, stable flight path, and covering each panel is a grip texture which supports boot-to-ball contact and enhances ball control.

Beneath the outer surface of the ball there is also a woven carcass and a new bladder for increased air retention and reduced water uptake.

Its name was chosen after Adidas invited the British public to come up with a moniker and over 12,000 unique names were suggested over a 10-day period in February 2011.

The winner was Rob Ashcroft who suggested London’s iconic landmark The Albert Hall could mean ´ball` in Cockney rhyming slang.

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