Mourinho in bust-up with Barca fans

Jose Mourinho has walked into a storm of controversy on his return from holiday in the United States.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the Real Madrid boss was involved in an amazing bust-up with two Barcelona fans while flying back to Lisbon from Miami with his family and was subsequently accused of insulting the pair, who had just celebrated their honeymoon.

The newspaper claims that the couple, named as Anna and Xavier, were walking through the business class section of the plane when the man spotted Mourinho and said 'Forca Barca' to him, to which the Portuguese did not react.

However, on arrival in Lisbon the man said he was surprised to find Mourinho and his entourage waiting to confront them, and maintained that the wife of the former Porto, Chelsea and Milan boss ´began telling us in a threatening manner that we should show them some respect as they were on holiday with their family`.

Anna says she reminded his wife the only thing her husband had said was 'Forca Barca' and that it was not important, but Mourinho’s wife insisted it was Xavier’s fault with Anna then replying that 'we already know in Spain that it is never his [Mourinho’s]fault, always the others'.

Mourinho is then understood to have turned the air blue with a stream of insults, telling Anna 'if you were a man I would hit you and kill you on the spot' before calling her a 'whore' and a 'pig'.

Her husband then tried to intervene, explaining to the Portuguese it was no big deal, but to the astonishment of onlookers Mourinho screamed at Xavier that if he did not shut his mouth then he would beat him up without any problems, before the couple departed for their connecting flight back to Barcelona.

“I was trembling on the plane from Lisbon to Barcelona. This man has left me traumatised. Before I never felt ill, but now I think I am," admitted Anna, who said she would not be lodging an official complaint. 

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