Al-Thani wades into La Liga TV row

Malaga owner Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani has waded into La Liga’s TV money row with an amazing broadside via his Twitter account.

The Qatari has complained before about the distribution of cash from television rights between clubs from La Primera and La Segunda and has again demanded a fairer share-out of income.

“My request is to split the money from television rights more fairly,” he tweeted.

“I ask nothing more than to avoid corruption and bribery on the part of some clubs.

“How is it possible that Second Division clubs receive just €29m from TV rights? Because there is a difference of €65m between what the second and third-placed clubs [in La Primera]earn.

“How can clubs develop in the best League in the world if things like this happen?”

Al-Thani also spoke about alleged tax evasion by some clubs.

“It is unfortunate that there are other clubs who avoid paying taxes and we know very well who they are.

“If this continues it will be very damaging to the reputation of La Liga and the consequences of what is happening could come as a surprise.

“Everybody knows my intentions. I hope the free Press and the [Spanish Football]Federation respond to these questions I pose to the public.”

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