Wednesday November 11 2015
Argentina: Messi won’t play Clasico

Argentina doctor Homero de Agostino has insisted that talk of Lionel Messi returning for the Clasico on November 21 is wide off the mark.

Mundo Deportivo expressed its confidence on Wednesday that the No 10 would make his comeback from an MCL tear in Barcelona’s trip with Real Madrid, but his countryman has warned that he risks a “high” chance of a relapse if he rushes his recovery.

“I don’t think Messi will reach the Clasico,” the doctor told Cadena SER.

“He may reach it, but he’ll also need to meet the conditions for a match of that level.

“The risk of a relapse if Messi plays the Clasico is high.

“A Coach can’t rely on a player who has just recovered to play in a showdown like the Clasico.

“Messi may make progress in working with the ball but never to play a Clasico within the next 15 days.”

De Agostino also opined it was “essential” that Messi played a game before the Clasico so the condition of his knee in a competitive environment could be safely determined.

Furthermore, he considered the Santiago Bernabeu showdown a poor choice for a comeback as the player was at risk of receiving 150 knocks during the match.



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