Friday May 10 2013
‘I’ve spoken to Madrid, but…’

Borussia Dortmund’s Robert Lewandowski has admitted that he has spoken to Real Madrid President Florentino Perez recently.

The striker, whose four goals helped eliminate Los Blancos from the Champions League semi-finals recently, is strongly linked with a summer switch to Bayern Munich, as he enters the final year of his Dortmund contract.

However, speculation is that Madrid may be trying to interrupt such negotiations with the Bavarians in an attempt to pick up the Polish international themselves.

Whilst admitting that he has spoken to Perez recently, Lewandowski also clarified that it wasn’t about such a move.

“I spoke to Florentino in the dressing room at the Bernabeu,” the 24-year-old told Bild this week.

“But we did not discuss anything that has appeared in the media…”

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