Monday May 6 2013
‘No-one likes to be accused’

Aythami Artiles has reflected on the irritation that Deportivo feel in seeing their 4-0 win at Levante under investigation for having been fixed.

The Spanish Football League have passed on evidence collected on the mid-April match and passed it on to the Anti-corruption Office on the suspicion that players from Levante may have been bought.

“Nobody likes to be accused of something that they have not done. It has taken much effort from us to get out of the relegation zone, for us to be accused of buying games,” Depor defender Aythami reflected today.

“The problem is with Levante, if there is one, and for them to settle. For once, we won a game against a big team and by a comfortable  score, it will be investigated. It bothers us because we are a pretty decent team.

“If they try and look at our games or have suspicions, they must also look at what will happen from here on out. We do not feel ourselves as implicated.”

Depor drew 0-0 with Atletico Madrid at the weekend, but it was not enough to see them slip back into the relegation zone.

“We have to be happy with what we have done. The key to this team is the positive dynamic that we have in each game and it is what we will face Real Valladolid with next weekend.

“I hope we are saved in the next two weeks, but I think it will go down to the last day. Between many teams there are so few points.

“We know it is complictated but we are all equal. I do not think we will need 40 points for survival. The maths do not mean anything, you have to win at the weekend and get the three points.”

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